Featured Activities — friends and visitors welcome

Dr. Stancil continues his presentation as our theologian in residence Sundays through March 11 from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in Westminster Hall.

The LOGOS enrollment form is now available to register your children and youth for the second term of the 2017-2018 program!  While the January term is underway, there’s plenty LOGOS to go (Wednesdays from 5:00-7:30 p.m.) for newcomers to join us!

LIVE VIDEO OF SUNDAY WORSHIP — Every Sunday morning, a Live Video feed of our 10:30, intergenerational service is available through Ustream.  Video and manuscripts of sermon archives and special services are also available. All are welcome to participate in any of our wonderful, spirit-filled activities!


The Chancel Choir leads us in giving voice to our heartfelt praise of God!

Our ChristCare small groups continue to meet for activities and outings.  Check out this ChristCare Groups Overview for something that interests you, or contact Pastor Dave with your idea for a small group. New Beginnings is our multi-year process of looking to God as the architect of our faith, Christ as the master builder, and the Holy Spirit as our provider and guide as we, the good and faithful servants, nurture and share in the Body of Christ, which is the church.

The Children’s Message provides a Gospel moment just for our littlest ones (and our young-at-heart).

Thoughts for our Journey (updated monthly)

Rev. Dave Carlson

On April 23, we celebrated Staff Appreciation Sunday.  I share your appreciation of the staff, as expressed by the following awards dreamed up and presented by Bob Stikeleather, chair of Personnel:
Glenna Hagelin, organist, the Leg-Up Award (an extra leg to reach all the organ peddles at once); Susan Jackson, nursery supervisor, and Scott Sutton and Stevi Kincaid, nursery attendants, the Fresh Air Trophy (nose-sized clothespins; ’nough said); Doris Melton, financial secretary, the Abacus Trophy (you know, the counting frame used in China and elsewhere before calculators); Merry Oliphant, sexton/custodian, the Clean Sweep Award; Bonnie Ratcliff, Christian education director, the Can-You-Hear-Me-Now Trophy (shaped like a megaphone to keep the children in order); David Sanchez, music director/praise leader, the Magic Baton Trophy for leading the choirs and praise team to such wonderful heights; and last but not least, Debbie Sullivan, office secretary, the Jugglers Award, for keeping all the balls in the air (Bob gave her some juggling balls).
I’d like to add my own thanks to each of our staff members …
… to Glenna, for the care she takes in preparing for Sunday worship; … to Susan for being so conscientious in covering the nursery; … to Scott for his willingness to do anything for the church; … to Stevi for her concern for others and joy with children; … to Doris for her attention to detail and dedication to the church; … to Merry for her commitment to the wellbeing of the buildings; … to Bonnie for her sense of teamwork; … to David for his joy in worshiping God; and … to Debbie for her passion for always doing her best.
Church work is not easy – not for the staff and not for the members who provide leadership, contribute gifts and talents, and bring a Spirit of Christian fellowship to this community of faith.  I am privileged to service alongside each and every one of you, and happy to add my personal thanks for our wonderful staff!

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Dave