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There’s still time to join the fun for children, youth and members of the church family Wednesday nights at LOGOS.  Registration form.

New Beginnings is our multi-year process of looking to God as the architect of our faith, Christ as the master builder, and the Holy Spirit as our provider and guide as we, the good and faithful servants, nurture and share in the Body of Christ, which is the church.

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Palm Sunday 2012

Our new ChristCare small groups have begun meeting for activities and outings.  Check out this ChristCare Groups Overview for something that interests you, or contact Pastor Dave with your idea for a small group.

Handbell and Chancel choirs add their “voices” to the worship service.

Thoughts for our Journey (updated monthly)

Rev. Dave Carlson

During its November meeting, Session asked the questions: Why do we do what we do?  My hope is the answer will affirm your sense of who we are as a church and inspire others to come alongside us.  Through New Beginnings, we have been exploring Partnering with Proctor Elementary as our All-Church Mission Outreach Ministry.

While that partnership continues to go strong, time has shown that we are called to this and more when it comes to who we are as a church.  Our generous and eager response to CSL’s Housing the Homeless ministry shows this, as does our active LOGOS program, commitment to the children of Drumm Farm, and support of agencies such as Della Lamb, Habitat, Hope House, and Hillcrest Ministries.  Each of these focuses on children and their families.  As Session considered this, it became apparent that children and families are a big part of who we are, why we exist, and that this has been true down through the years.

As you consider this vision for our church, let’s look at what author and TED Talk speaker Simon Sinek says about truly inspiring organizations.  Sinek asks his listeners to picture three circles, one inside the other like a bull’s-eye, labeling them Why, How and What.  The tendency of most organizations is to start with the What and move inward to the Why.  But inspired organizations think, act and communicate from the inside out, starting with the “why” and moving toward the “what.”  People aren’t attracted to “what” you do, says Sinek, but rather “why” you do it.

So the question is, what is our “Why,” what is our purpose.  Why do we exist as a church, as a place of worship, learning and service?  Session believes it is to nurture and empower children and their families, and this includes all God’s children.  Simply put, our “why” is To Be in Service of All God’s Children and Their Families.  Whether that “why” connects with you personally, it is a compelling reason to come alongside First Church in ministry and worship.  It is a vision worth moving toward and a cause of great need in our community.  It is a mission that calls others to join and support us as we seek ways to be more relevant in the lives of children, their families, and all God’s people.

Living the “Why,”
Pastor Dave