Our Mission Statement

Worship God, Follow Christ, and Live in the Spirit – Members of First Presbyterian Church’s leadership body, known as the Session, completed a study in January 2011 of the book “Strategic Leadership for a Change: Facing Our Losses, Finding Our Future” (by Kenneth J. McFayden and available at www.alban.org). The following list of core values was identified: hospitality, caring, centrality of God Almighty and the Bible, missions, service, giving, teaching, accepting, inclusive, faithful, church as family, can-do attitude, respectful of the past). This is not the list but rather a list, and friends, visitors or members of FPC may think of other core values equally as reflective of FPC, or ones that say something similar in a slightly different way.

From this list, three values were chosen as encompassing all these and perhaps others that you’ve thought of: Education, Spirit Led, and Inclusive. For instance, Education includes Bible, etc.; Spirit Led includes missions, can-do, etc.; and Inclusive includes God and church as family, etc. Everyone was happy with these three.

Our Mission Statement – Worship God, Follow Christ, Live in the Spirit – was then laid overtop, and it was surprising to see how closely Worship God fit with Inclusive, Follow Christ with Education, and of course Live in the Spirit with Spirit Led. So, the next time you want to share with someone how special this church is, just remember that we Worship God and that means we’re inclusive of all God’s people, Follow Christ as the basis of our education programs, and Live in the Spirit, which leads us in all that we do.

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